About Us

We are two friends who can be described as Coffee Slurping Crumpet Munchers. Due to this fact we decided to form a company out of our afflictions! As such ‘Crumpets & Coffee’ the company was born! (It took a lot of thought with the name you understand...)

Our backgrounds could not be further from food or confectionary. One of us is a Digital Artist (Can draw pretty pictures & colour inside the lines) and the other a successful Retail Manager (Buys the crayons and keeps them tidy). It is certainly the case that one of us is an eccentric and the other completely focused, two oddly suited personalities.

Our concept was born by pure chance; one of us always yearning to own a coffee shop and coining the brand’s name (again, took a lot of thought that...) and the other could not get a job simply colouring in.

In truth, we both loved the idea but we did not have the opportunity of outlaying the money involved in setting up the dream shop, hence the decision on postal box luxuries. Because of this, the main portion of the business was the selling of products designed to fit through standard letter boxes, thus allowing delivery without any annoying Royal Mail – ‘Red cards’ left on the doormat.

Here is the 'Deluxe Box' being one of those products that we send through standard letter boxes...


Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances we are unable to provide these boxes until Q4 2018 into Q1 2019 and we will be sure to let you know when they arrive back on sale! New and Improved!