My Inspiration is all around me...

My Inspiration is all around me...

Posted by Marc The Coffee Slurper on 9th Jan 2019

I wanted to take a little bit of time to have a chat about people who inspire and support me in my life, my work & my journey in general. I find that inspiration is a very fluid concept and that it c … read more
A New Mindset is Magical

A New Mindset is Magical

Posted by Zoe Woodward on 4th Jan 2019

What can I say, this feels like more of a journal entry than a blog post so please bear with me. In the essence of honesty and openness I'm writing about something that's been playing on my mind for a … read more

Positive Vibes

Posted by Marc The Coffee Slurper on 2nd Jan 2019

Now… this sort of post was inevitable really wasn’t it?! Aside from the ridiculous amount of foodporn that I showcase… Positivity is all I talk about, and will continue to do so, as I believe it is so … read more

#FOODPORN - Chocolate Pancakes!!

Posted by Lisa Welch on 8th Dec 2016

Lisa Welch's Chocolate Pancakes!!Why make these incredible pancakes...?! Well... other that the dollop of our amazing Mocha Spread... obviously optional... these beauties are completely Vegan!!Ri … read more

#FOODPORN - What's your Flavour...?!

Posted by Tom Charelesworth on 23rd Oct 2016

Tom Charlesworth's Baked CHEESECAKE!!Why make this incredible Baked Cheesecake...?! Well... to be honest... because it will genuinely improve your life and make you all happy!! Simply behold the … read more