#FOODPORN - The beginning of a Food Revolution!!

#FOODPORN - The beginning of a Food Revolution!!

Posted by The Coffee Slurper on 17th Aug 2016

#FOODPORN - The Revolution!!

So... here we are... finally!! Any of you lovely people that already 'Follow' us on Social Media will be fully aware... of not only our love for incredible food posts... but also our incredible 'Ambassadors' that actively create these masterpieces!!

Tom's Oreo Freakshake!!Our goal... Food World Domination of course!!

We want to bring you the absolute best, beautiful, intriguing & absolutely crazy Food Porn around!! We are very lucky at Crumpets HQ to have some of the internet's most talented food magicians working alongside us. So... by combining all of these amazing talents, we will bring you a Food Blog that is both diverse and exciting. 

So... irrespective of your current food demands, diets, or intolerance's... we believe we can showcase something for every stomach!! Even if you know that your constitution would not agree.. we know that your eyes will be wowed at least!! We will bring you... Vegan... Gluten Free... IIFYM... & Vegetarian creations... just to name a few!!

Welcome to a new generation of Food Blog... we really hope you enjoy!!


Dannie's Reese's Feast!!

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