My Inspiration is all around me...

My Inspiration is all around me...

Posted by Marc The Coffee Slurper on 9th Jan 2019

I wanted to take a little bit of time to have a chat about people who inspire and support me in my life, my work & my journey in general. I find that inspiration is a very fluid concept and that it can be found in many different places. I think if you open yourself up to other people’s journeys and successes, then you can find massive inspiration from so many people… and why wouldn’t you want to… what a huge support system you have then… whether these people are aware or not.

Now… I am very lucky that even though my parents divorced when I was younger, and I had a period of my life where I didn’t see or speak to my dad… that they are both now very much in my life and both inspire me every day… in very different ways though. My mum is genuinely one of the BEST people I know, and honestly the most selfless person I think I have ever met. That isn’t to say that everybody else is selfish at all, she is just very special. My mum absolutely lives for me and my sister, and now our extended little families, my wife, and my sister’s husband and my little niece and nephew. There isn’t anything that my mum wouldn’t do to make any one of us happy… and that is truly inspiring to me. Being a loving and caring person has hopefully rubbed off on me and given me the tools to pay it forward!

As for my dad, as I say, we didn’t speak for over 10 years, but eventually I got to the point where life is just too short and I wanted him to be a part of my life again, so about 10 years ago we started to rebuild our relationship. I always idolised my dad when I was little, so when he left I found it really hard, as I had always wanted to be like him, but suddenly didn’t like that version, so it left me a bit lost in my teenage years. Anyways… back to present day…. My dad and I are best mates, he lives in the same town as me, and we go to the gym together every night. He is 66 years old, and if I’m honest, an absolute beast. He has always trained hard, and still throws some massive weights around in the gym. I find his attitude to life, and not just accepting getting older as something truly inspirational.

Now… as I just mentioned I have a sister too… a few years older than me, and she has always been my rock. Irrespective of what has thrown at me, Jocelyn as always been there for me. She was an archetypal big sister when I was little, always protecting me and looking after me. Then as I got older and things happen, my mum and dad divorcing, my ex wife leaving, financial problems, personal problems, work issues, she has always been the voice of reason for me and a huge support and encouragement. She is one of the most intelligent, ambitious and focussed people I know too and that always inspired me to be the best that I can, and that doesn’t have to be to conform to social pressures either. Before my little niece and nephew arrived, Jocelyn was really career orientated and very successful, but when Eliza (my niece) arrived, she realised that she was now much more important than any pay-check and became a full time mum. Always striving for more though, she took to blogging, and is now a highly regarded family blogger. Ambition and success can be measured in so many ways, and I consider my sister as a huge success and somebody I will always look up to. I am also very lucky that her husband Paul is also one of my best and closest friends too… just adding to my already amazing family support system.

So… obviously no post about inspirational people in my life would be possible without me talking about my wife… Jo… hands down the best person I know and my absolute world. I think Jo would agree with me if I said she doesn’t have a larger than life personality, and never wants to be the focus or centre of attention. What she does do though is constantly make me smile, make me happy and give me the safety net of unwavering support. She will always be my rock and will always be 100% behind anything that I do, or anything that we decide to tackle as a couple. Her faith and belief in me is the only reason that I have the confidence that I have. When you know that if all else fails… you will always still have each other, that is more than enough for me, so I am brave enough to try and succeed in other areas of my life!! Anyways… I won’t bang on too much about Jo, as I know it will really piss her off… Ha!!

So… that’s family pretty much covered… but let me tell you… friends definitely pay and equal part. I always feel extremely lucky when I look around at my social circle, as wherever I turn, I have people that have always got my back and never fail to inspire me. Now… I would like to think this is mutual obviously as I consider myself a very loyal and caring person and would do anything for my friends and family. I have been very fortunate to have kept strong and lasting friendships… people that have been a part of the journey every step of the way. Just knowing that you have always got somebody there to bounce ideas off… turn to for help and support… simply enjoy your downtime with is hugely important to me. If you aren’t living for your life… then why are you doing it all on the first place?!

My friends and family have always been there for me in the bad and tough times… but equally they are always around to enjoy the good and fun times too!! Now… that’s what I call balance… and I am grateful to each and every one of them.

Marc x