Positive Vibes

Posted by Marc The Coffee Slurper on 2nd Jan 2019

Now… this sort of post was inevitable really wasn’t it?! Aside from the ridiculous amount of foodporn that I showcase… Positivity is all I talk about, and will continue to do so, as I believe it is so important.

I’m not on a preaching mission about how people should or shouldn’t behave, and I’m not trying to change opinion… but if I can make one person smile, think a little differently, or just be more positive when they read this, then I have succeeded!

Look… I know life is really hard sometimes, and it’s not always easy to smile, but it is always just as easy to be positive as it is to be negative. It costs exactly the same to be nice as it does to be nasty. Plastering a smile on to your face, or saying something positive and nice to somebody may not take away the stresses that we all live with, but it sure makes them feel a little better.

I read an article on a flight to Sydney once and it said that everybody gets tired travelling, and sometimes planes are delayed, airports are busy, flights are long, you’re hot and bothered, but that isn’t the fault of that Customs officer, Hotel reception clerk or Taxi driver… so don’t take it out on them, and I’ve always stuck to that positive and friendly attitude. Good manners and politeness shouldn’t be the exception, they should be the norm. A ‘Thank you’, or ‘Have a great day’ could go a long way to changing that person’s mindset that day… and guess what… the chances are they will be happier when they next speak to somebody and the positivity soon spreads.

I appreciate that if you’re feeling unwell, or struggling to pay some bills, that smiling doesn’t miraculously make you feel better, or earn you extra money, but neither does a sad, moody and negative outlook either. I’m certainly not encouraging anybody to be fake or false, and there is nothing wrong with feeling low or under the weather, but you can still try and look at the good things around you. There are beautiful positives everywhere, so focus on those things and not the negative ones.

I wrote a short post on Instagram a while ago about smiling, and the fact that it is infectious… which I truly believe. I could be having an awful morning, late train, feeling ill, inclement weather… but that first customer that walks through the door will always get a beaming smile from me… because a) they deserve it… they didn’t affect my morning, and b) they then leave the shop, not only with the best coffee in Worcester, but a hopefully in a better and happier mood… ready to pay if forward!

Don’t forget to smile folks… it costs absolutely nothing, and you might surprise yourself how happy it actually makes you!! #PositiveVibes

Marc x