C&C - Citrus Blast Tea

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We at Crumpets & Coffee HQ appreciate that although we are obsessed with #CoffeeSlurping... there are plenty of #TeaSippers out there too!! 

Citrus Blast contrary to its name.. does offer an enormous flavour blast, but not an aggressive one!! This incredible 'Gunpowder Green Tea' can chill out even the most uptight amongst us!!

Orthodox Pekoe Gunpowder.

Taste of this blend:-
Smokey & Citrus Blend.

Luxury Green Tea, Calendula Petals, Natural Dried Lime, Natural Flavours.

Well Being & Mood:-
Super Chilled, Exceptionally Relaxing and Detoxifying.

Caffeine Content:-
Approximately 20mg per cup.

(* Please note that due to the differing densities of the various blends, that they will not visually look the same amount. We can assure you that we would never give half measures, and that they are all 75g)