C&C - Ole Joe - Roasted Coffee

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‘Ole Joe’ is a beautiful ‘Everyday’ Arabica Coffee Blend. We take 3 amazing coffee beans, one from Brazil, one from Costa Rica and the other from Columbia, and combine them all to produce this amazingly rich Coffee. A delicate balance of flavours that unearths Chocolate & Cherry undertones!!

This Coffee… just like its name sake is a Familiar, Friendly and Consistent Blend that can improve every single Coffee moment!! Whether it’s that first coffee of that day, a midday coffee amongst friends, or an after dinner treat… ‘Ole Joe’ is your perfect blend!!

‘Ole Joe’ is available in a variety of preparations to suit your coffee making apparatus:-

250g Espresso...
(Ultra-Fine blend perfect for Cafetieres, Aeropress & Drip Coffee Makers)

250g Medium Ground…
(Perfect for most Filter Coffee Machines)

250g Wholebean…
(Ideal for Bean-to-Cup Machines or for those Coffee Purists that grind just before brew)