C&C - Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

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We at Crumpets & Coffee HQ appreciate that everybody isn't as obsessed with Coffee as we are... and that a late night Coffee isn't the way forward, so we have developed a range of amazing Hot Chocolate!!

Peanut Butter is quite simply... EPIC! Just imagine chucking a Reese's cup into your hot chocolate. The perfect 'Hot Chocolate' for Butter Nutters!!

Premium Belgian Cacao Powder. 
No artificial preservatives, flavours or colours. 

Size:- 250g

Nutritional Information... per 28g Serving:-
Energy (Kcal) 108, Energy (Kj) 457, Protein 1.9g, Fat 1.0g, Saturates 0.6g, Carbohyrates 22.5g, Sugars 15.3g, Salt 0.2g, Fibre 0.9g