C&C - The Governor - Roasted Coffee

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The ‘Governor’ is a Super Strong Arabica Coffee Blend. We take 2 amazing coffee beans, one from Brazil, and the other from Columbia, and combine them to produce this deep, darkly roasted, rich Coffee. A match made in heaven for those Coffee aficionados out there!!

This Coffee… just like its name sake is Powerful, Bold and can walk tall amongst the elite in strong coffee. The ‘Governor’ is truly a wake up and smack you in the face sort of coffee… not for the light hearted!! The only option for those cold, dark mornings when nothing else will do!!

The ‘Governor’ is available in a variety of preparations to suit your coffee making apparatus:-

250g Espresso...
(Ultra-Fine blend perfect for Cafetieres, Aeropress & Drip Coffee Makers)

250g Medium Ground…
(Perfect for most Filter Coffee Machines)

250g Wholebean…
(Ideal for Bean-to-Cup Machines or for those Coffee Purists that grind just before brew)