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The 'Crumpets & Coffee' Lounge - WORCESTER 

Welcome to the very first crumpets & Coffee Lounges... the first of many we hope. Ever since we started Crumpets & Coffee... the dream was to always, one day, open a Coffee Shop, and in November 2017... we realised that dream, and opened the doors in Worcester.


To set the scene... a little story about me...

Now… don’t get me wrong, I do not profess to be an expert on this subject, but I certainly know what I like and know what I am passionate about and why!!

For all my adult life I have loved coffee, I have never been a tea drinker, or any other hot drinks for that matter. Why would I waste a hot drink on anything but COFFEE!!

This obsession obviously flows out of the home too, and my wife and I are forever, no let me rephrase that, I am constantly dragging my wife around random cities and towns finding the next exciting independent coffee shop to visit. This fanaticism doesn’t just stop in the UK either, much of our hard earned holiday spending money is spent in some strange market abroad in a tiny independent, sampling their stunning concoctions!! To date... we have not been able to find anywhere that has a coffee culture quite like Budapest. Don't get me wrong, you'll all be shouting New York & Rome... but I believe that these guys have got it right... don't argue with me until you've been there... trust me!!

Now… when you spend enough time in these environments, you start to find all of your favourite little touches in all of them, and when you finally decide to take the plunge and open your own Coffee Shop, you have a really specific vision of what you want to achieve, how you want it to look, the things you love, the things that you don’t like, and hopefully you end up with your dream, Guess what, I have!! Look, I’m not arrogant enough to think that this is the perfect environment for everybody but I love it, and if you’re passionate about something, then you will love every single day you’re at work, cue cliché saying, “If you love your job… you’ll never work another day in your life!”

Onto the important stuff, my mission if you will; Please don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Starbucks, Costa, Caffé Nero, they are all phenomenal businesses that I respect greatly, but I do not want to be them. When planning the Crumpets & Coffee Lounge friends would ask me how I will compete with these giants, quite simply, I firstly couldn’t if I wanted to, but more importantly I don’t want to and won’t be anyway!! For all that these brands have done for British coffee culture, they have damaged it also, by forgetting about the COFFEE. Maybe I won’t appeal to the typical Costa Customer, as I do not have 30 different coffee variations in 6 different sizes, I want to make coffee the way it is supposed to be made, in the volumes that it is supposed to be enjoyed, In the cups that bring out all of it’s best qualities, it is, after all, the best drink on the planet!!

So… here’s my mission; start choosing your favourite coffee, not your favourite cup design!!

Find us at...

The 'Crumpets & Coffee' Lounge
Angel Place
United Kingdom

Open Monday - Saturday (8.30-5.00)